Colder – Heat (2005)

Ah, what can the influences of good company do. Since most of music is basically the inspiration derived from the influences one has and then the talent to turn this into new expression, Colder have to be seen under exactly that spotlight.
First of all, it’s obvious that the members of this band have been listening to a LOT of great and intelligent music in their lives. Secondly, even upon the first listen it’s again obvious that they are an intriguingly talented bunch.
Their range covers some of the darker and deeper indie rock bands spanning all the way from the 80s to the 90s and then nicely seaming up with equally dark and atmospheric bands of the electronic scene.
The result? Well, it’s as good as this description promises really. In fact, i consider “Heat” to easily be one of the must-hear albums of the past 2-3 years.
Generously diverse, it will take a miracle for this LP to bore you. It’s spacey, dark, moody, anxious, implying, atmospheric in a very special manner, and it will appeal to listeners from a quite wide spectrum of music. takis

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