Crazy Penis – Love on the Line (2008)

2008 album from the one of the most acclaimed electronic fusion acts of the last decade. Crazy P are a truly gifted group of musicians who explore the disco and soul roots of house music by fusing 70’s funk, pop melodies, electronica and sun kissed beats to delicious effect. In the process, they’ve created albums that no self respecting dance music lover should be without. Blending sophisticated deep house with dreamy disco grooves, wicked diva vocals and funked-up beats Crazy P is one of the most original bands to emerge from the British dance scene since Massive Attack. Instinctively groovy, this Nottingham outfit deliver late-night, future classic grooves with ’70s funk influences, soul instrumentation, tightly wound rhythms and luscious pop-melodies. Tinted Records.

Crazy Penis


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