GD Luxxe – Make (2005)

Corey H. Maass’ REVIEW ::
(01.16.06) G.D. Luxxe, if you haven’t heard him, could be grouped together with those bands or artists that did their thing before the electroclash Eighties revival and continue to do their thing now. He’d fit on stage with The Hacker, Ladytron or Adult.. It’s a classic sound, not specifically New Wave, but the driving synths and punchy, mechanical drums conjure images of Nitzer Ebb or Ministry circa the “Halloween” remixes. Good for driving around and being an angry or disheartened teenager. The new release, Make for Tigerbeat6, is more varied than previously releases. Here he’s even less musical and there a little more, but over all there are fewer big movements, moments or climaxes. I wouldn’t say it’s a bad thing, just different – less roller-skating music and more Billy Idol, fist-pumping music. The sounds are brasher, harsher and darker, making woeful guitars and his voice stand out like an airplane flying over a burning city. This is the perfect music for winter.
What I find compelling about G.D. Luxxe (and have since I first heard him on Breakin’ Records) is the emotions. In a very limited range, both vocally and melodically, he convinces you of his betrayal, remorse and confusion. Listen to “Profile” as the outstanding heartbreak track on the album Make. It’s warmth and depth remind me of something off of Depeche Mode’s Violator. “Black Sand” is a desperate shout on a dark night, over a Cure guitar line. The emotions are rarely simple, the situations he describes are as complicated as real life.

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