Nina Miranda and Chris Franck – Zeep (2007)

Zeep is the new band from Nina Miranda & Chris Franck, the musicians formerly known as Smoke City (still remembered for their seminal `Underwater Love’ track that was the soundtrack to a Levi’s advert) – and Da Lata, signed to Chris Blackwell’s Palm Pictures label.Imagine Led Zep, The Meters, Joni Mitchell and The Beatles jamming in Brazil with Tropicalistas such as Gal Costa, Gilberto Gil & Os Mutantes and you’re on the Zeep trail. Zeep is where rock `n’ roll, funk and classic pop get spiced up with a little samba magic, bringing you an album inspired by the attitude of the 70s when music was live, urgent, right-on, scruffy, funky and folksy.


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