VortexSoundTech – Fiery Silence (2008)

Portuguese drum’n’bass act VortexSoundTech has apparently been around for a number of years, but “Fiery Silence”, released on Thisco Records, is their debut full-length album. And I’ll just cut right to the point – their style is unique, accentuating hard, technoid d’n’b with a distinctively old school industrial expression.
Throughout the entire album, the listener is presented with introverse, rich , textured industrial soundscapes that mutate and narrow into upbeat electro melodies – only to be blown out into heavy, suppressing basslines, accompanied by atmospheric, minimalistic orchestral pieces that further evolve into dark, psychadelic, multilayered and slightly off-kilter synthlines.
A lot of the more orchestral and acoustic melodies seem particularly inspired by Asian and, to some extent, Middle-Eastern folk music, instead of ragga and hip-hop. This is something often seen in darker, cyberpunk-inspired industrial and psytrance, but less so in drum’n’ bass. The bass- and synthlines are both very dark and ravey, as is generally heard in heavier techstep and darkstep music. The massive synthlines and bass coupled with the driving rhythms remind me of acts such as Ed Rush/Optical, SPL or T.Z.A, but then it suddenly changes into to sounding like a strange union between Simon Bassline Smith and Coil or even Psychic TV.



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