Spleen United – Neanderthal (2008)

“Godspeed into the mainstream” is one of my favorite albums from 2005, the Danish electro unit Spleen United knows exactly how to create the perfect sound in heavy synth music with memorable pop choruses.
Now, can this exciting new band deliver a new strong synth album like their impressive debut?
The answer is short and simple, YES!
The new single “My tribe” opens the album with a suggestive beat and a mysterious vibe but no less, an infectious melody that wont leave your head for days and the following “Failure” is even more catchy like a walk down memory lane of the 80’s AHA.

The cool synthesizers totally take over in “Suburbia” where the atmospheric sound combines the musical worlds of Depeche Mode and Muse, I don’t know if there’s such a term like Arena Synth but the brilliant “Heat” sure sound like it’s a soundtrack for the stadiums.
“66” is a given hit or my name is Donald Duck, they should support Depeche Mode on their next world tour so the world will know about this excellent band.
Synthmusic has a new face and it’s name is Spleen United!

Spleen United


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