These New Puritans – Beat Pyramid (2008)

Beat Pyramid is an exciting collection of songs from the Southend four-piece These New Puritans. A group of young musicians, who are influenced by images, sounds and colours as much as music itself, have created a modern masterpiece. The album feels edgy and fresh with tracks such as ‘Numerology aka Numbers’ an illustration of the cryptic lyrics and ideas instilled in their music. Tracks such as ‘Colours’ are an exhibition of the powerful and innovative drumming style of George Barnett, whilst ‘Navigate-Colours’ demonstrates the band’s ability to create epic, atmospheric songs. ‘Elvis’ is a powerful track, soon to be released as the band’s first single on a major label: the droning bass-line and monotone vocals build to make a refreshingly new sound. The track ‘MKK3’ has echoes of Joy Division, though the album has few moments where These New Puritans begin to sound like anyone other than These New Puritans: this album is unique and must be heard. T. Callaby


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