Chris Joss – You’ve Been Spiked (2004)

Play this cd, and you’d swear you’re listening to a beautifully remastered funk treasure from the 70’s—Chris Joss captures the “blaxploitation” style better than any artist I’ve come across. The 2 “Wrong Alley Street” movements are pure “Shaft” material, with a bass line groove that is just nice—a cheesy B-movie police-car chase scene, ridlled with afro-donning cats comes to mind with these, as well as with most of the other tunes here…”Drink Me Hot” captures the mid-tempo funk straight out of a (dare I say) 70’s “adult film”, with sick drum loops, and a fly-a** bass line, along with all of the other elements that Curtis Mayfield would be envious of.
Amongst all of the other exceptional tracks on this cd, “Discoteque Dancing”, “Sheila V” and “That Show” pick up the pace with thick beats, more incredible bass lines, and fender rhodes, etc. that will absolutely move you if you like real “black music”.
There are a couple tunes that delve in the “lounge/bossa” territory, that are a bit weak, but this cd captures the magic of another era, where “dig this” were the words to say, and nappy afros were the coiffes of choice. But, again, this is not bland imitation—Chris Joss has created a groove that is undeniably real, and will kick your soul in the a**.

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