Boom Boom Satellites – Exposed (2007)

Boom Boom Satellites - Exposed (2007)They could be listed as Techno…Electronica. Hard to really classify especially since they combine both. Yet if you listen to “Easy Action”. that is straight forward Rock but for the most part they rely on Keyboards-Synthesizers & drum machines. Most of this CD could be listed as “Club Music”.
There is singing on screaming..clean singing with harmonies. He has a slight accent and the effect on his voice adds just a hint of an echo which give his a voice a rich sound on some the songs.
B.B.S. started out as a Bass Player and a Drummer that met while attending University in the 90’s and have since put out 6 CDs. This stlye of music is not what I normally listen to but after hearing “Easy Action” on the movie “Vexille” I felt compelled to buy and I was not disappointed. It is something I have listened to over and over…it grows on you.
They have done an outstanding job of blending Techno-Electronica and Modern rock for a style that is their own. If you like any of the previously mentioned styles of music then you will find something on this CD that you like..


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