Messer Chups – Bride Of The Atom (2000)

Have you ever seen any of Fellini’s confusing circus films? Now, this album is his Space Odyssey. Even Douglas Adams (were he still with us) would envy the magnificent imagination of Oleg Gitarkin,the founder and front man of the Messer Chups wonderland. If Bach’s music is a sort of divine corridor to the salvation and eternal peace of mortals, then Gitarkin’s mind represents the worship of
demonic qualities that are not particularly unpleasant. There is an urge that comes with each listen to this cosmic lunacy to abandon all human characteristics. Therefore, the founding of Messer Chups was, in fact, nothing else but the selling of Gitarkin’s soul to the
devil in exchange for musical inspiration. There is no other acceptable explanation.
An extra-creepy outing from the Addams Family of electronic lounge exotica, Russia’s Messer Chups.
Oleg Gitarkin and Igor Vdovin strew horror-movie samples out over a gory puddle of surf guitar, dance beats,
and go-go keyboards. Zoinks! And they’d have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids.


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