Curry and Coco – We Are Beauty (2010)

2010 debut album from Post-Punk Electro rockers Thomas Pliem and Sylvain Przybylski, the duo known as Curry & Coco. Bored by the processed perfection of most modern recordings, they found an echo of the authenticity they craved in the music that flourished, briefly, in the years before they were born. Their commitment to doing things differently is obvious for all to hear, and it is fiercely, ideologically old-school. C&C use no samples, sequencers or backing tapes. Pliem plays live drums, while Przybylski employs only vintage analogue synthesizers – when he isn’t punching the air and belting out vocals. Working with producer David Kosten ( Faultline, Bat For Lashes) they patiently constructed a studio sound that captures the riotous energy of their concerts. Hinote.


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