Shed – The Traveller (2010)

A vital release from one of the most accomplished and quality-consistent labels of 2010, Ostgut Ton. Following up from his long-playing debut of 2010, Shedding The Past, Rene Pawlowitz aka Shed has continued to break new ground, joined dots and blurred boundaries with his trans-genre style of techno. Within the wire-frame of The Traveller, to the circuits buzz the dystopic sound of Detroit techno; to the steely, to the industrial throb of Sheffield’s Artificial Intelligence and the murky, noxious spirit of dubstep. Yet, at no point does this album feel like a pastiche of styles. For example, tracks such as 44A (Hard Wax Forever!) locate this record firmly in the heart of Berlin – the Berghain – where its rhythms are constantly twisting and turning to raves’ past, present and future headlong down the Autobahn.

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