Boards Of Canada – Trans Canada Highway (2006)

Boards Of Canada - Trans Canada HighwayTrans Canada Highway is an EP by the Scottish IDM duo Boards of Canada. It was released on 29 May 2006 by Warp Records.
The EP contains the duo’s first ever music video, directed by Melissa Olson. The video pieces together various found video and film clips in order to create a short narrative to the song “Dayvan Cowboy”, which also appears on Boards of Canada’s 2005 album The Campfire Headphase. The video begins with stock footage of Joseph Kittinger’s landmark sky dive in 1960, from a helium balloon that had pierced the atmosphere, effectively leaving Kittinger in free fall from space. The video shows a man (not Kittinger) landing in the ocean after his parachute successfully opens. As he (footage of Laird Hamilton) rises to the surface, he grasps a surfboard and begins to ride waves.
This is an amazing EP – one of Boards of Canada’s strongest to date. The new tracks are Warm, fuzzy, mellow, lush analogue synths and plenty of them! For those who weren’t as taken with the newer BOC sound on Campfire Headphase, assuage your fears – this is definitely a return to the traditional sound. That’s not to say though that this is a rehash of old material. One can hear bits and pieces of Geogaddi and such, but the overall feel is much closer to Music Has the Right to Children. Trans Canada Highway

Boards Of Canada


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