Magyar Posse – Random Avenger (2006)

One of Finland’s best (if not the best) art/post rock groups has been and still is Magyar Posse. Random Avenger, a passionate and captivating instrumental performance reflecting subtleties of peculiar song-writing and improvisational instrumentation. Not much has changed since their earlier records – merely the group has expanded from quintet to sextet with the addition of violinist Sandra Mahlamäki.

Magyar Posse’s material has always been of rather steady quality, but each record of theirs hasn’t felt perfect yet. This is also the case with their third album, as some sections on it aren’t as good as I’d wish. Regardless, as a whole Random Avenger is a really enjoyable record. This record also fares fairly well production-wise. In case you’re a fan of this group, you should definitely buy this record – and if you aren’t acquainted with Magyar Posse yet, you should give them a listen provided you like post rock (groups such as Paatos and Vast among others). fullreview


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