HTRK – Marry Me Tonight (2009)

“Pronounced Hate Rock, the Australians’ debut album proper is an unashamedly sordid affair. Produced by ex- Birthday Party guitarist Rowland S Howard, who also contributes guitar on a few tracks, this is grinding and ground-down rock, a drunken trawl in a gutter of trudging bass, with drumming as relentless as an inner city concrete estate and the guitar as flat and unyielding as fluorescent light. Vocalist Jonnine Clementine Standish sings with a cold whispered threat, like Lydia Lunch channelling Nico. She sings of pathetic romantic reunions (“Ha”), corrupted perversions of marital respect (“Rent Boy”), blank acts of sexual slavery (“Panties”) and the cold parade of nightclub narcissism on “Disco”, a world where “conscience is nowhere in sight”, a line which stands as fair warning for the sexual turmoil of Marry Me Tonight.” wire




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