Simian Mobile Disco – Delicacies (2010)

This isn’t easy listening or music to soundtrack your next party too, unless you’re ingesting a considerable amount of psychedelics. It also isn’t one that immediately satisfies; too often Simian Mobile Disco build up to a great climax and then deflate it without a hint of excitement in the execution, taking it apart as slowly as they constructed it. There’s always that sense that if Simian Mobile Disco had just upped the ante a bit more, given into their electro past and dropped an epic beat, that we might be looking at Delicacies as the new Daft Punk if Daft Punk hadn’t gone all Inception on us. It’s occasionally frustrating, and to be fair contributes to most of the tracks’ unnecessary running time. But Delicacies doesn’t want to accessible, and it certainly doesn’t want to be easy. It takes it’s time and goes where it wants to go, and in doing so leads Simian Mobile Disco to some seriously dark and uncharted waters. The fact that they made it out on the other side not looking like poseurs but with a formidable new aspect to their sound instead is something any dance fan should be excited for. klap4music

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