Deadmau5 – 4×4=12 (2010)

Deadmau5 is a name that has been in the media quite often the past five years as the techno and house scene has triumphed and all other genres have unfortunately taken a hit. At first he was just a Canadian DJ who released a few good tracks that caught him a bit of attention. Several years later he is no longer that semiprofessional DJ he is sweeping the nation with several albums all of which are hits and producing is now a title he can strongly say he has conquered. His new album 4*4=12 is full of great tracks that differ a tad from his previous ones. He has a different style that is working in his favor. He now incorporates different artists in to his music which inevitably helps in making him main stream. Deadmau5 now has songs on the radio which is boosting his popularity a bunch. I think Deadmau5 is on the road to making many more intricate and catchy tracks with the support he has from other artists and the solid fan base he has now he has a long and prosperous career ahead. metacritic

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