Gold Panda – Lucky Shiner (2010)

The debut album from British electronic producer Gold Panda is immersed in nostalgia. It’s a go-to emotion for every era, but, thanks to the eternal memory bank known as the Internet, this is a particularly fruitful time for looking back. But not all remembrances are created equal. The majority of today’s cultural nostalgia is dominated by a cheap, remember-that-show quality that ultimately infantilizes its audience into submission. Shameless nods to yesterday’s TV/music/movies are fine for a quick escape, but they can also make tomorrow that much more daunting. Still, when approached with more care, peering into the past can be invigorating. Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig summed up the two sides with characteristic eloquence on this year’s Contra, singing about how we’re “nostalgic for garbage, desperate for time.” Koenig is one of the good guys in the current Nostalgia Wars, and so is Gold Panda. pitchfork

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