Martyn – Great lengths (2009)

When people write album reviews they always seem to throw around a bunch of cliches such as “genre defying” and “cutting edge”. Once in a while there is an album that these cliches actually apply to.
I don’t need cliches to describe Martyn’s Great Lengths album. One word will do and that word is “Wow”.
Just plain wow. Im really feeling the direction Dubstep producers such as Martyn, Synkro, Appleblim and 2562 are taking the genre. Martyn takes his extensive experience in producing techno and Drum and Bass. Fuses it with half time drum patterns, some amazing echo, reverb, filtered and delayed effected synths and creates a unique electronic masterpiece with dancefloor sensibilities. A journey touching down in Detroit, Holland and London. Truly inspiring stuff. Check out Vancouver for an example of this space age funk.
Out now on his own label 3024. Martyn Vancouver

Martyn Myspace

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