Bel Canto – Birds Of Passage (1989)

One can easily say that Bel Canto were the start of Norwegian electronica. Being the influence of bands such as Røyksopp, Bel Canto mixed catchy pop tunes with an arctic electronic sound.
It was in Tromsø. Once capital of northern Norway, that Nils Johansen and Geir Jenssen found Bel Canto in 1985. Today Tomsø, on the north-east of the country, is well known for its fishing harbour, its university, its breweries and of course, depending of the seasons’ its never-ending days or never-ending nights. Nils, barely twenty years old, had a strong musical background acquired by learning classical violin during ten years. The two musicians looked for a girl singing and a few months later discovered the very young – sixteen year old – Anneli Drecker and they tempted her away from the band she was singing in. Anneli had an important background of choral singing at the time. Fate was on their side.
Bel Canto seeked refuge with Crammed Discs, the Belgian indie record company. White Out Conditions, their first album was out on this label in 1987. Their following album, Birds of passage, was released in 1989. The albums became popular due to the bands special arctic sound dominated by Anneli’s marvelous voice. Birds of Passage is to day considered as one of the founding records of what is called the Tromsø sound. Geir Janssen left Bel Canto in 1990 to work on his own project,’ll be the first to know. bio

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