Nicola Conte Apresenta Rosalia De Souza – Garota Moderna (2002)

This cd was released on Schema label, which is home to Gerardo Frisina, Nicola Conte, Fragmentorchestra, S-Tone Inc., Soulstance and the Break and Bossa franchinse and countless other dj’s and producers in Italy. From that alone, you can get sort of the style of this cd. It is very jazzy, but the singer, Rosalia De Souza, has worked with other Schema artists as well. Namely, Les Hommes and Quintetto X, ranging in everything from a sort of trippy feel to jazziness.

The style of the cd is the Bossa you would expect from Schema label artists and Conte. Up-beat and catchy, sounds of the 60’s and 70’s with imposing touches of modern flair. This is definitely something you would hear in a happening lounge where you can hear the person beside you yet wonder what is playing overhead.

Remakes of old Brazilian classics are included, from the first track: Maria Moita on down to Canto De Ossanha and Adriana, Saudisismo – a Caetano Veloso track, and Ipanema. Rosalia De Souza’s voice is amazing – very soft and delicate. Then comes some of the other works which both Souza and Conte worked on, like Bossa 31, Mais and As Gotas, a track that seems tailor made to their style together. I definitely recommend this CD. bordersj2

Rosalia De Souza Nicola Conte

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