After Dinner – Live Editions (1991)

After Dinner is an 80s band led by vocalist and keyboard and tapes manipulator(a la Brian Eno), Haco. I bought Haco’s debut solo album before this. That is quite an amazing album in its own right. Haco’s lovely vocals tie together all the songs on this album. In no way is the music overshadowed by this. On the contrary, the music has an energy, a catchiness, and an experimentalism that isn’t present with most music. Though I don’t know Japanese, the translation of her lyrics shows that Haco’s words are just as original as her music. She has a definite vision of music as an art form. My favorte songs on here are Sepia-Ture 1 and 2, Cymbals at Dawn, Glass tube, A Walnut, Kitchen Life, and Iron clad Maiden. I usually listen to the album all the way through though. This is a collection of songs so unique and full of life that it’s hard to see why Haco and After Dinner haven’t recieved the attention that’s deserved. This is music that pushes the boundaries in the same way Brain Eno, Olivia Tremor Control and Pere Ubu do. You don’t have to buy this album but you have no idea what you’re missing if you don’t.

After Dinner

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