Hasil Adkins – Chicken Walk (1970)

No one has ever taken the punk ethos of due it yourself more seriously than Hasil Adkins, and he predated those punk rockers by a good thiry years or so. I mean what I say when I compare him to a deranged Hank Williams. He has the same style of true country music but with quite a weird since of humor. His song topics range from chicken to love to decapitation to his made up dance the hunch and back to chicken. Truly he was punk before their was punk. This album in particular seems to be a really good compainion piece to another one of Hasil’s many collections of his early work entitled Out to Hunch. I would check these two albums out first. The recording quality is not great but you will quickly forget that when listening to his albums. His later in life albums, like Achy Breaky Ha Ha Ha, Drinkin My Life Away, What the Hell Was I Thinking, Look At the Caveman Go, and The Wild Man are also worth getting. Huh, I just noticed someone tagged this album with the word crazy. That’s awsome.

Hasil Adkins

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