Burn The Negative – How To Weigh The Human Soul (2010)

2010 sophomore album, the follow-up to their critically adored album In The Atmosphere. The creative vision behind How To Weigh The Human Soul is very much drawn from the different characteristics of individuals and their personalities. How they interweave, change, at times disappoint, frustrate and then delight is reflected in both the creative, musical and lyrical content. It’s an album of light and shade, a black tinted rose that takes you on a journey of discovery through the subtle nuances of the mind and soul. The title itself references the theory that the human body loses 21 grams upon death begging the question, ‘is this the weight of the human soul’? It’s this concept that drives to the very core of the album manifested in the artwork painted by L.A artist Kris Kahill. Gung Ho. cduniverse


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