NEUS – Universal Middle (2010)

Free Legal Download NEUS goes big: huge sounds, grand gestures (though the gestures are never bigger than the skills, which deny his tender age on the one hand; on the other feeds this volume of the boldness of youth). It’s a fully rounded, souvereign album, no messing around, no ‘testing the waters’, no insecurities to be heard. It is very a balanced, self-centered piece of music, revolving in it’s own space, big beats, kind-of-melodies, clear sound. NEUS leads the weirdos with a firm hand to the dance-floor, then to the backyard (to do god-knows-what there), to the Bar and back to the floor. Universal Middle
(the name speaks for itself, to stress my first point) is full-body-music. Flesh, that turned into sound, or sound that will turn into flesh. Probably both. An organic, many-legged and -armed creature evolving and growing from Moment 1. Let there be NEUS. WAW


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