Tomáš Dvořák – Machinarium Soundtrack (2009)

Machinarium, by Tomáš Dvořák (now in a third pressing of 500 circa the Czech Republic’s Minority Records), far from representing an assortment of overly subtle sounds meant only as a background accompaniment, reaches the same heights you’d expect from a traditional full-length recording. What’s more, at its best moments, it spirals even higher into the stratosphere like a good, solid Warp-sponsored outing or a mechanized reverse-doppelganger to Gorillaz recordings and old-hat trip-hop acts like Tricky, the main difference being that Dvořák’s selections work best when the beatz are minimal; when he brings a banger, it often distracts from, nay degrades, the true strength of the compositions (mood, melody, savvy via digital-effects). tinymixtapes

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