Spleen United – Godspeed Into The Mainstream (2005)

The Danish indie/alternative scene has been blossoming as of late. In the last couple of years a lot of respected, although often internationally unknown, bands have surfaced, challenging Kashmir and Mew’s place on Denmark’s alternative rock throne (if there is such a things). To mention a few The Figurines, Veto and Spleen United are such names. While these bands have enjoyed a fair amount of success inside the borders, they never seem to amount to much internationally. Danish music elitists often write off pretty much all Danish bands as derivative and unoriginal. Admittedly few Danish bands, arguably only Mew actually, have a well-defined and unique sound. Talented as most of them are, it’s not that hard for detractors to find arguments for writing them off as Radiohead and Jeff Buckley wannabes. The emotional falsetto of these alternative rock icons has definitely caught on in Denmark. sputnikmusic

Spleen United


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