Pacific! – Narcissus (2010)

Who hasn’t fallen in love with their own reflection? Come on, we’ve all been there. Well, Swedish duo Bjorn Synneby and Daniel Hogberg, aka Pacific!, have chosen self-infatuation as the theme for their audacious second album. Conceived as the musical backdrop for a ballet to be staged in Gothenburg later this year, Narcissus, the title track, combines Daft Punk’s electro-pop melodrama with an 80s drive-time sheen to create just the right kind of cheese. There’s a brilliant moment around the two-minute mark when the beat falls away to leave a scratchy guitar riff that arrives from nowhere and stays for the rest of the song. Above is an almost* exclusive video featuring Swedish performer Olof Persson and a lot of black body paint. guardian

Pacific! Myspace

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