Aes Dana – Leylines (2009)

Aes Dana - LeylinesImmersive ambient trance. Aes Dana offers a deeper excursion into his own unique downtempo territory. The Ultimae label co-manager is distinct from his fellow artists in maintaining a more even trance beat throughout his album than most – of course there are lulls and beatless introductions and interludes, there are gradual builds and dispersals of intensity, yet the music of Aes Dana lives on a regular pulse that throbs in the mind even when the actual beat has gone. The percussive sounds are far more subtle and varied than most downtempo trance, enhanced by various sibilant scrapes, aural sleet, sudden bright movements and various field recordings. The most even part of the musical content comes from the subtle basslines – higher up the frequencies the colours are elegantly abstract; deep pads and dark ambient expanses creating an overriding feel of mesmerising mystery. Signs is a completely beatless track where the full beauty of Aes Dana’s low-light atmospheres can be appreciated – echoing female vocalisations ring among drifting clouds of tenebrous tones, minimal almost, with a brooding cinematic intensity. In places arpeggiating forms come to the fore and the full intensity of multiple rhythmic structures percolate together before dissipating into open space. There are some tastefully manipulated ethnic sounds within the mix – rich moody flutes and hints of Indian wires – altered so that their original forms are difficult to distinguish. Familiar musical motifs appear in places – recollections of Memory Shell and other previous works – these work well in anchoring Aes Dana’s individuality.  electronicmusicmall


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