Alva Noto – Univrs (2011)

Alva Noto is one of the artists most concerned about information and the way it defines any communicative process in the modern world, creating sonic and visual artistic statements that explore digital data as a new space with structures to be inhabited: information as habitat. A parallel might be drawn between Ikeda and Nicolai. Both artists have explicit worries about the classic mind/body dichotomy, trying to bridge the sensory world of physical energy with a parallel world of pure digitized data. Both are constantly pointing out the material nature of sound and challenging human perception by exploring the boundaries of the range of human hearing. Both try to integrate sound, image, and source code by means of deconstructing the invisible substance the digital world is made of. Precisely, their common interests are best exploited in their project cyclo., which saw them reunited again earlier this year. Individually, however, while Ikeda attempts to represent the macroscopic world of informational-made virtual spaces connected through networks (especially in his Datamatics project), Alva Noto’s recent work has tried to reach the microscopic realm of bits, the digital atomic scale, birthplace to anything that can be created and conceived in post-industrial societies. tinymixtapes

Alva Noto

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