Modeselektor – Monkeytown (2011)

I’ve always thought of Modeselektor as a dance group first and foremost; such is the curse of being danceable, it’s easy to get sorted into that particular category. But just because you’re danceable doesn’t mean you can’t expand beyond being pure dance music and cross over into intelligent listening territory. ..If the Modeselektor name doesn’t ring a bell with you or lend the album enough credibility on its own (which, for me, it does), you can take solace in the fact that it features a ton of big names from a variety of genres, from Radiohead‘s Thom Yorke (bringing haunting vocals to two of the album’s tracks) to Siriusmo (contributing a synth line to “Green Light”) to Anti-Pop Consortium (on “Humanized”) to Apparat‘s Sascha Ring (playing guitar on closing track “War Cry” and continuing the tradition of collaboration present in Modeselektor + Apparat’s Moderat). earmilk

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