Vaetxh – Mass (2011)

Disembodied, glimmering melody floats above a warped wave of glitchstep (slow-stomping, sputtering electronica) on Vaetxh’s Mass. (By the way, it’s pronounced “vay-tex”.) It’s a strange, sometimes hypnotic collision. The melodies created by Bristol sound architect Vaetxh (aka Rob Clouth) for Massinspire bittersweet memories as the warped bass, choppy samples and thumping beats portray a sincere desire to forget.

Mass is basically a collection of two songs, “Mass” and “Clipper” (stream them below), deconstructed in a series of remixes. Since the haunted melodies marking the originals remain, Mass ends up feeling like one long (30-minute) song. But due to careful pacing (beats range in mode from manic to space-lounge), the album doesn’t get stale. downcastmusic


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