Les Hommes – Les Hommes (2002)

Three guys from London play live (drums, hammond, vibraphone and percussions). the album already licensed in Japan, America & Canada. Here is the marketing logo: Mise en scene, a cigar smoulders in the ash tray, a mellow Cavaldos rests close by, it’s time for LES HOMMES… a selection of audio moods from the sound rack for your listening/dancing pleasure… The album is set up like a soundtrack. It needs to be listened to from the beginning to the end because all the tracks are connected and each one builds up to the next. Check out the liner note: IN SPRING A car interior, the radio is switched on. No other cars are on the road; dawn is about to break, as The Driver shifts up a gear. The mist hovers a few feet above the ground as the music wafts out of the speaker. The Driver tightens his grip on the steering wheel just as the road bends sharply to the left and enters the forest… ishtar

Les Hommes

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