Valance Drakes – Sky Open To Those Who Have Wings (2011)

Bedroom Research continues to satisfy my cerebral cravings. Since being introduced to this French collective of artists, run and operated by Matt Subjex, I’ve become a big fan of Mormo and hosmOz. Today I’m happy to add another artist into my playlist. This time I’m excited to share with you the latest EP from Valance Drakes, titled Sky Open To Those Who Have Wings. Also recording under an alias MusSck, this UK based producer is fascinated with “ethereal and sub-aquatic ambiances overlapping a detailed and soulfoul glitch knitting work topped by proto-hiphop beats and broken glass grooves from space…” Indeed the nine short tracks on the EP retain the crunkiness and instrumental hip-hop sound from the likes of Prefuse73, Actress and Flying Lotus, but with a crunchy, clicky, glitchy IDM flava. Although the EP is only about 22 minutes in length, there are enough ideas in here that could [and maybe should] be stretched to over an hour. I know that must be the case, because I keep pressing PLAY every time the music stops. headphonecommute

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