Brain Pilot ‎- Illegal Entry EP (1996)

Right on the heels of the excellent “Mind Fuel” album, Brain Pilot release this short 5 track EP. “Wet Wired” takes you right to the dancefloor with a track of hypnotic sounds and a nicely placed bassline. Adding a layered Aphex Twin “I care because i do” type of melody on top of the main melody coupled with a nice break type beat and that ever groovin’ basslines makes this the highlight of the EP. The real nice part is at 6 minutes when you think the song is just going to wind down, the beat drops and just the Aphex Twin type melody only plays. The beat comes back in diluted but more funky and raw, creating a wicked dance floor groove. PHAT! “Illegal Entry” is an interesting track. It start off horrible, like a Goa type break but quickly it melds together and you hear the quality, especially when the main melody comes in and the once cheesey beat becomes a background for the trip. Sometimes I wish Autechre would have drifted into this style then their current vein. This is a good track. This EP also has a nice live version “Circuits” as well which is taken off of “Mind Fuel”. The other two track are just short fillers making this EP a little short.  discogs



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