Brain Pilot ‎- Mind Fuel (1995)

From the very first minute you know this cd means business. Very futuristic, very well produced and varied, this cd is one of the highlights on a label that is littered with undiscovered works of industrial dance art. Abrasive at times, wonderfully synthetic at others, you cant help from being taken by this cd. By the differences of the first song to the second song it’s almost improssible to tell what country this is made from which is one quality i look for when listening to full length cd’s. So often a full length cd’s gets very predictable, this cd will leave you wanting more from Brain Pilot. “Ample” pre-dates any of the tech house that would later fill dj’s crates but it does it with a cleaner style. “Serotonine Flow” moves you to detroit with a complex scientific beat and melody that even James Stinson would have been jealous of. “Circuits” even gives you a taste of Autechre type jitter but still highly produced makes you wonder can Brain Pilot not conquer any form of electronic music and not leave his golden touch. Just when you think you have experienced it all comes “Brainsine”, perhaps the cd’s best track cuts through your ears like a knife. This track is hard to put into words, it’s buildup will have you on pins. The bassline shutter, robotic dance cuts is pure industrial breakdance. If this track has autechre’s name on it, if it was made in detroit, released on a 12″ wax it would be heralded as a an idm masterpiece. Mental! I can’t go without mentioning “Nutrient” for it’s unforgetable melody. This track could be the sleeper of entire album! This is the true art of just making great music that you love. discogs





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