Waldeck ‎- The Night Garden (2001)

The album starts off smooth yet fierce with “Slowly,” which seamlessly segues into the dubbed out title track “The Night Garden.” Joy’s vocals on both of these songs is a great introduction to the Waldeck style, especially the ghost like cries she bellows out in the title track. “Cat People Dub” is a remake of a David Bowie tune, believe or not, off Bowie’s 1983 “Let’s Dance” album. Waldeck gives it the full-tilt dub twist packed with near drum&bass style beats. Heavy and harrowing but somehow appealing, it makes you want to hear Bowie himself sing this remake. “Tears Running Dry” and “Fallen Angel” also present us with the vintage sultry Waldeck sound for our aural pleasure.

This is definitely not passive chillout music. The album commands your attention, and because of that, it may not be an easy first listen. But it will grow on you- like a fungus. More dubby, less house and hip-hop, “The Night Garden” will be one of those albums you’ll try to get your friends to like, but it just won’t click with them. Then three years later when they discover it on their own they’ll be forever grateful to you for introducing it to them… r4nt





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