Squarepusher ‎- Big Loada (1998)

Before electronica became a household word, England’s Warp label was releasing disc after disc of ingenious bleeps and atmospheric bloops. The music was soon dubbed ambient, or intelligent, techno because, due to the low BPMs, about the only activity the music actively encouraged was thinking (or, cynics might add, nodding off). Gradually, the inclusive stable of Warp artists (Autechre, LFO, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, and more) began to adapt elements of incipient trends like trip-hop and drum-and-bass into its music, but the artist’s unique identity almost always dominated each disc. Tom Jenkinson, a.k.a. Squarepusher, has long been one of the U.K. electronic scene’s most interesting figures, in part because his music’s most identifiable element—Jenkinson’s fretless bass playing—seems so at odds with programmed music. In fact, as time passed, Jenkinson’s obsession with legendary fusion bassist Jaco Pastorius grew…avclub



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