Peder – Dirt And Gold (2010)

Dirt & Gold would be at home in a 1940s club, or perhaps accompanying the credits to a Bond film from yesteryear. It’s easy to think of Funky Monkey’s collaborative work on theJoin Us In Tomorrow album, but that would unfairly suggest everything the producer has provided here is not wholly original. One listen to Heroin, which whips up something of a psychedelic atmosphere around R.Olsen’s declarations of love, proves that this is a disc of unnervingly different sounds. Better still, it all makes perfect sense heard as an album or stand alone tracks, as if tricking your ears into believing there’s a familiarity that doesn’t exist.

The choice offering from all 13 would have to be Hello Mr Movie Director, My Name Is Peder And This Is My Friend Asger Baden, though that’s not too easy a decision to make. Nevertheless, it sounds fantastically like walking onto the set of an electronic Western, reeking of Weatherall, Howie B, Yann Tiersen and just about anyone else who’s ever made music that belongs on the big screen. Much like the rest of the compositions that make up this stunning collection, there’s nothing to be said after finishing, other than ‘wow’…plainandsimple


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