Two Fingers – Stunt Rhythms (2012)

Completely instrumental, Stunt Rhythms turns its nose up at delicacy, subtlety and lengthy “journeys”, instead boasting 13 numbers of between two-and-a-half and four minutes, all as boldly, gleefully dynamic as a break-less freight train. It’s emphatically invigorating music that whomps straight in the gut, carrying impressive weight yet elastic, avoiding the heavy metal bro’step that young American males are currently hot under the collar for. Sure, the likes of “Sweden”, “Deep Jinx” and “Stripe Rhythm” – the latter featuring a beatific classical string interlude worthy of William Orbit – are cartoonishly heavy, all humdinging monster basslines and industrial threat, but there are also plenty of twitchy cybernetic grooves, insectoid broken beat funk such as “Magoo” and “Lock86”. Whichever way you cut it, these are the tracks The Prodigy must match and better on their next album. This is the cutting edge of noisy bastard breakbeat rave-funk. Two Fingers has mustered as grin-inducing, sound system-busting and plain exciting a set of sounds as this year has yet heard. Bravo! theartsdesk

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