Borealis – Voidness (2012)

Voidness has muscle and verticality, but it still works from a delicately ambient place. The trudging drums act as a kind of focal point for huge, dangling synth melodies, roaming, drift-dive sub-textures, and distant, peripheral percussive samples. “Dark Water” buoys itself to a hefty, start-stop drum loop and thick-hided sub-bass riptide while a pulsing arpeggio gains and loses momentum and distant shaker samples shiver at the track’s outlines. On “Unseen & Uncalled” Somfay throws brutal kicks and unfurling metallic samples into a gout of vinyl crackle that sounds like a roaring flame while a patient, blurry melody swims in and out of sight and drums continue to crash like exploding stars. Standout “Crimson Purple” stretches layers of billowing synths like galactic tides through a nettled beat, vocal transmissions echoing from across a vast empty distance…beatsperminute

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