Colo – Midday Sun EP (2012)

Those only interested in 4/4 beats and a decent BPM may bypass the first half of this EP from classically-trained producers Colo and head for the remixes. Do so at your peril. True, only on “Never Again,” with its understated 2-step rhythms, cosmic synthery and sample from George Gershwin’s “Summertime,” does the pace rise to much above above shuffling level, but this is electronica with dance floor sensibilities. If you were devilish enough, you may want to see what happens if you pitched “Picture of You” and “Church” beyond +8; it’d probably turn both into moody, squelchy deep house. They’re best left in original form, though, paying proper respect to the contemporary ’80s equipment with which they are (mostly) created….residentadviser

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