Phlex – Atta Atta (2012)

An opening salvo of harpsichords and strings does not deceive me, for this is a Schematic record and Schematic records are usually two things; electronicalish and good. Feel the power of my language peasants.

So Phlex puts himself in my good books by weirding me out with this peculiar pseudo classical intro but as predicted we swiftly head in to fidgety electronica. Processing power is such nowadays that a huge amount of data can be adjusted and played with while making tracks / tunes / songs / beats. I think in some respects that this is a great thing. It means there are no limits to what you can achieve but the converse is also true. It is possible to make any sound into any other sound and get totally lost in pitch bending, time stretching and Ableton-ising your music…sittingnow

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