Roel Funcken – Mercury Retrograde (2012)

Mercury Retrograde, while dipped inside bass bins filled with beats and rhythmic distortions, also unveils several hidden beauties. Tracks like “Deer” (a remix for Seaming To), “Smart Ambient” (a remix for Known Rebel), “Mesmer” (collaboration with Rena Jones) and “Bextures Teeth” (video below) bring with them a personal warmth and spark that is engulfing in its foray of emotion and direct motion. Pushing time out of the way and making room for melancholy and peaceful transmissions, these pieces are quite consuming and contagious. Elsewhere the brain is set to stun as tracks like “Boose Gumps,” “Cork Walls” and “Gangsta Riddim”… As the experimental envelop is torn to shreds, Roel Funcken offers the Schematic team a futuristic balance of primed electronics tied to leftfield dub extracts and leaves listeners to decipher for themselves how these frequency ranges will interact with their lives. Day or night, Mercury Retrograde is an accomplished slice of audio exploration that slaps the ears and heart around with ease and finesse…igloomag

Roel Funcken


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