Karin Park – Highwire Poetry (2012)

Karin Park - Highwire Poetry coverKARIN PARK was born in Djura, a small town somewhere in the dark woods of Dalarna, Sweden. Not only that she grew up in a town with only 400 inhabitants, she also was raised in a deeply religious family. KARIN PARK was first a pop-star in Norway with her 2004 debut, Superworldunknown, before she started collaborating with DATAROCK’s Fredrik Saroea on the previous album, Ashes To Gold, a route she’s now continued with UK based producer Barry Barnett. Co-produced and mixed by Christoffer Berg (THE KNIFE, FEVER RAY, LITTLE DRAGON) into an even darker soundscape. KARIN PARK‘s new album, Highwire Poetry, combines electronica, industrial, dubstep and synthie-pop with her unmistakeable, truly unique voice…nbhap




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