Trifonic – Ninth Wave (2012)

Trifonic ninth wave cover

Imagine this: You discover a band/performer/producer that you really (and I mean REALLY) like, you go out and look for their music in all the right (and sometimes wrong) places and you immerse yourself in what you’re hearing. And after multiple repeats of their debut album you are left with the feeling that you want more. But there is no more. That’s it. Over. No information anywhere about a new release. You’re not even sure if they’re working on a sophomore album and it’s eating away at you. There are two artists in my library that expose me to this brand of musical torture: Damien Rice, who has been working on his new album for the past 6 years. And Trifonic, who’s debut album Emergence has a fair amount of plays in my library ever since I first discovered them back in 2009. I think I have to exercise a bit more patience on the former. The latter, however, is finally here. And my god was it worth the wait!…musicreviewdatabase


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