Cursor Miner – Danceflaw (2006)


Cursor Miner ‎Danceflaw cover

The third Cursor Miner full-length is indeed his most dance-oriented release yet, foregoing the new wave pop prominently featured on earlier records. While we no longer hear his voice, which reminded me of Beck imitating Gary Numan, there’s a pop holdover in Cursor Miner’s heavy slant toward riffs. In fact, a few of these tracks are nothing but riffs– pretty good ones, too– that are presented, tweaked, amplified, twisted, and then laid to rest after five or six or eight danceable minutes. But there’s not much Daft Punk happening here– no glittering surface or soft edges or unexpected emotions. Cursor Miner serves his electro cold, and the 10 new tracks here find him working that particular mojo in myriad ways…pitchfork


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