Boards Of Canada – Tomorrow’s Harvest (2013)


After all the intrigue, hidden codes on 12″ records that went on to sell for astronomical amounts of money on eBay, adverts on Cartoon Network, a song played at a Tokyo intersection, and other covert shenanigans that made the Daft Punk teaser campaign look prosaic, here I am, in the WARP offices in North West London, signing a disclaimer ahead of an exclusive listen to the new Boards Of Canada album, Tomorrow’s Harvest. It’s a fitting way to listen to a record by a band whose obsessive fans are something of a cult, and one so devoted that they would drink poisoned Kool-Aid if Marcus or Mike Sandison (the brothers BOC) said it tasted good. Once we leave the confines of WARP HQ, we’re not allowed to talk about it. Not even to our nearest and dearest. We can’t even say we were here. The first rule of BOC Album Playback Club is you don’t talk about BOC Album Playback Club – until the embargo is lifted…thequietus


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