Lullatone ‎– Soundtracks For Everyday Adventures (2011)

Lullatone ‎– Soundtracks For Everyday Adventures cover

With all the untold stories passing by one at a time, your mood changes to sheer comfort. This is the essence Lullatone has captured with Soundtracks For Everyday Adventures. Changing their sound a bit from their cutesy lullabies to indie-folk acoustic passages, Shawn Seymour and Yoshimi Tomida head in a new direction with less-subtle, less-sedative music that’s still as gentle as it’s ever been. Throwing in acoustic guitars, woodwind, violins and banjos to their instrumentation, Lullatone bring you to an isolated countryside town where the people are very friendly and there’s a story to hear everywhere you go; each song onSoundtracks carries its own unique mood that translates into a piece of narrative, told not through words but through the emotions conveyed…sputnikmusic


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