Xingu Hill ‎– Alterity (1999)

Xingu Hill ‎– Alterity cover

This album is free from stylistic limitations, it travels through groovy ambient tunes with surrealistic atmospheres to chaotic soundscapes towards slower, more experimental pieces which however form an intimate coexistence. The complex melting of these different styles emphasizes “Alterity” with a special, unique character, which may first appear with a strange affection but gets familiar the more attentive you listen. Deeply fractured sonic mutations build up their own morphogenic aesthetics. “Alterity” is the fourth XINGU HILL album and the latest output of John N. Sellekaers, well-known as creative collaborator with projects like Torsion, Black Lung/Xingu Hill, Snog, Urawa, Ambre, & Internal, remixer for Front 242,Snog, Hexedene,Mlada Fronta… and chief of the audio mastering studio Metarc in Brussels. HYMEN




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